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Top 10 lasting sumer fragrances: The Independent June 10, 2021
Read about Both Sides of Clouds in Viola Levy's feature. [MORE]

Brexit's impact on small businesses in The Guardian February 18, 2021 ... [MORE]

Upscale Living on our work with The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. December 30, 2020 ... [MORE]

Freshly Laudered featured on Fragrantica October 21, 2020
Our perfumer Sarah McCartney was commissioned to create "the elusive smell of clean sheets and machine-powered freshness" for Samsung's EcoBubble wa... [MORE]

Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine on our scent for Samsung October 20, 2020
We made a scent for Samsung, mirroring clean sheets and fresh laundry. Read all about it here  ... [MORE]

World Branding Forum on Freshly Laudered October 12, 2020
More covereage of the marvellous Samsun ad that features our fresh laundry fragrance and the wonderful Max Whitlock here. ... [MORE]

Campaign Magazine on our work with Samsung October 08, 2020
We were featured in an article discussing our collaboration with Samsung where we created a unisex fragrance in promotion of their new washing machi... [MORE]

We're featured on Beauty Independent July 12, 2020
Sarah wrote for Beauty Independent about our shift online, a rising interest in perfume making and not feeling too bad to be in the beauty industry ... [MORE]

Olfactory Adventures with Sarah McCartney July 06, 2020
Carla Seipp wrote a lovely piece about us on Basenotes. It's here.  ... [MORE]

We are in Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine July 02, 2020
Perfumer & Flavorist wrote an article about how we have adapted whilst our studio was closed during lockdown. Read here  ... [MORE]

We're featured in The Telegraph's four 'holiday' fragrances to cheer you up. June 06, 2020
The Telegraph chose us as one of their four 'holiday' perfumes to cheer you up. Check out the full article here ... [MORE]

Article about Sarah McCartney's ability to 'hear' fragrance in iNews May 15, 2020
Sarah McCartney can 'hear' fragrances as forms of musical notes. See full article here ... [MORE]

Arthur McBain talks about us in Female First February 25, 2020
Arthur talks about working at 4160 Tuesdays in Female First. See the full post here ... [MORE]

Liverpool Business News article on our collaboration with charity Savera UK November 15, 2019
We collaborated with charity Severa UK and Bare&Bond for their subscription box. Read the full article here ... [MORE]

We're listed in The Spectator's best artisan workshops to try September 25, 2018
We're listed in The Spectator's best artisan workshops to try! See the article here ... [MORE]

We have a full feature in .cent magazine May 02, 2018
The wonderful .cent magazine put us in the frame. See the article here. ... [MORE]

We were one of the Evening Standard's top 8 workshops of London Craft Week April 22, 2018
We were listed as one of the of the best design workshops to take at London Craft Week 2018 by the Evening Standard.  Which is nice. See t... [MORE]

We are in Wallpaper's list of scents with benefits March 22, 2018
OML Yellow was highlighted by Wallpaper as a scent to smell your way to a sharper, calmer, happier you. ... [MORE]

We are in .Cent Magazine January 02, 2018
Suzy Nightingale includes our 4160Tuesdays fragrances in her article on the history of herbs and spices in fragrance. ... [MORE]

The Guardian were looking into how actors use perfumes, so spoke to us. November 20, 2017
The Guardian speak to Sarah and Arthur in their article about how actors use perfumes to get into character. ... [MORE]

We are one of Wallpaper's five finest olfactory delights from Pitti Fragranze October 03, 2017
Wallpaper chose us as on the five of the finest olfactory delights from Pitti Fragranze 2017. ... [MORE]

We feature in the Telegraph's article on British Perfumers September 30, 2017
We were featured in The Telegraph as one of a new breed of British perfumers who are taking on the world. ... [MORE]

We are one of Grazia's Top 10 best bargain beauty brands March 16, 2017
Grazia have us in their 10 best bargain beauty brands and sum up us nicely. '4160 Tuesdays stands out from other niche brands not just because it's ... [MORE]

We are in the FT's How to Spend It November 25, 2016
Inevitable Crimes of Passion was one of the Financial Times' extraordinary extrait scents.  ... [MORE]

The Daily Mail feature us in an article on the rise of independent perfume brands. June 23, 2016
Kiss by the Fireside is given a mention as 4160 Tuesdays is included as an example by the Daily Mail of one of the independent brands consumers are ... [MORE]

We are one of The Telegraph's 10 best rose scents for summer June 16, 2016
The Telegraph chose Raw Silk and Red Roses as one of their top ten rose fragrances for summer. ... [MORE]

Luca Turin reviews 4160Tuesdays May 06, 2016
Luca gives his view on four of our fragrances.   ... [MORE]

The Guardian wanted to do something brainy, so came to our perfume workshop October 10, 2015
David Shariatmadari gives a wonderful overview of his day at the 4160Tuesdays studio. ... [MORE]

Time Out London profiles Sarah McCartney October 05, 2015
As part of their 'quit your job' series, Sarah is interviewed about becoming a perfumer. ... [MORE]

Vogue chose us as one of the highlights of the Widerness Festival August 03, 2015
In their preview of the Wilderness Festival, Vogue chose our perfume workshop for their top 11 things to do over the weekend. ... [MORE]

We are one of Harper's April Essentials April 17, 2015
As part of their feature on Fortnum & Mason’s luxurious new beauty and fragrance rooms, Centerpiece was chosen as one of Harper's Bazaar A... [MORE]

Cosmopolitan's beauty editor picks London 1969 March 11, 2015
Kate Turner, Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan thoughts on 4160 Tuesdays' London 1969: 'I totally associate with the 70s and can't wait to wear flares a... [MORE]

We had a Valentine's collaboration with Jurys Inn February 14, 2015
4160 Tuesdays created 'Pillow Talk' as a Valentine's special for Jurys Inn. Read about it in their blog. ... [MORE]

We make one of the world's sexiest scents according to The Telegraph. December 15, 2014
The Telegraph listed The Sexiest Scent on the Planet (IMHO) as one of the World's sexiest scents.   ... [MORE]

We're on Ca Fleur Bon December 11, 2014
An interview by the lovely Susie Baird. (That photograph is by Jess Simmons, not Phoenix Magazine.) ... [MORE]

We're in Management Today December 07, 2014
Management Today - a great piece by Oliver Bennett about the the rise of new British brands "Punk perfumers, we are! ... [MORE]

We're on Fragrantica December 07, 2014
Suzy Nightingale (AKA Miss Nightingale) wrote this great blog post for the US's biggest scent site, Fragrantica. ... [MORE]

Candy Perfume Boy - Vanillas October 29, 2014
The Candy Perfume Boy featured The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) in his vanilla perfume guide. Read it here. ... [MORE]

We're in Men's Journal May 16, 2014
Dark Heart of Old Havana is one of Men's Journal's 10 best scents for summer. See it featured here. ... [MORE]

We're in Vogue May 16, 2014
What I Did On My Holidays is featured as a sun drenched scent in the May 2014 edition of Vogue.   ... [MORE]

Phoenix Magazine - we're now officially cool March 09, 2014
Miss Nightingale interviewed our Sarah was about creating perfumes. You can read "Smell better than everyone else with 4160Tuesdays" here. ... [MORE]

We're in the Metro February 13, 2014
The Metro gave the Sexiest Scent on the Planet (IMHO) a mention for Valentine's day. ... [MORE]

We're in The Sunday Times Style February 09, 2014
The Sexiest Scent on the Planet Ever (IMHO) gets a mention in the Sunday Times' Style magazine in their February 9 2014 edition. ... [MORE]

Falling into Fragrance January 19, 2014
My life as a perfumer A lovely feature in the Collingwood College, Durham magazine, Wood Words, all about what happened since 1981 when I left. Yo... [MORE]

Sarah McCartney featured in You Magazine January 19, 2014
4160Tuesdays featured in You Magazine Meet The Spritz Queens (not my favourite picture...) THE SELF-TAUGHT PERFUMER: Sarah McCartney, 4160 Tuesday... [MORE]

Almost forgot to mention the Mail On Sunday You Magazine July 14, 2013
Sunshine and Pancakes featured in the top new trends of 2013, which is nice Read the piece here and scroll right down to the end. ... [MORE]

We're in Tatler June 17, 2013
Katie Thomas of Tatler came to the Gin Garden and made her own gin inspired perfume. This is what what she wrote. ... [MORE]

We're in The Guardian May 04, 2013
Almost a whole page on vintage scents in Money Guardian, featuring 4160Tuesdays. Read it online here. ... [MORE]

We're in Top Sante April 04, 2013
May issue 2013, Get the Fragrance Feelgood Factor, it says: "Go for: The vintage Sunshine and Pancakes Eau de Toilette by 4160Tuesdays £53.40... [MORE]

Chelsea Fringe 2013 April 04, 2013
4160 Tuesdays with the Gin Garden and Bombay Sapphire, Hoxton Hotel, 25-31 May We're going to be doing pop-up perfumery using gin botanicals to cus... [MORE]

John Gordon Sinclair likes Urara's Tokyo Cafe September 28, 2012
4160 Tuesdays' chum and writers of bestselling novels Sara Sheridan was at Bloody Scotland, a literary festival for crime writers. John Gordon Sincl... [MORE]

A lovely review May 07, 2012
Last week, Josephine Fairley wrote about my scents on her blog. Here's a link to Urara's Tokyo Café, about which we are mightily chuffed, her... [MORE]