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Sarah McCartney featured in You Magazine

(January 19, 2014)

4160Tuesdays featured in You Magazine

Meet The Spritz Queens (not my favourite picture...)

THE SELF-TAUGHT PERFUMER: Sarah McCartney, 4160 Tuesdays

Sarah McCartney

Sarah McCartney

Sarah was a copywriter at cosmetics company Lush when she decided she wanted to make a scent for her sister (as a gift from her nephew). When Lush founder Mark Constantine handed her some raw ingredients, he couldn’t have imagined the journey he was sending her on. ‘We created a simple cologne, with citrus and lavender, but also a very special, exotic boronia oil,’ she says.

As she played around some more, Sarah began to imagine turning a hobby into a business. Happily, this lifelong scent-lover (she has a truly enviable collection of vintage perfumes) also happens to have a background in maths and science – a rather unromantic but essential requirement for a career in perfumery.

Combine that with Sarah’s marketing wisdom and experience, and you have one of the most exciting niche perfumery brands to come along in years: 4160 Tuesdays, ‘because that’s how many Tuesdays we have in an 80-year lifespan. So let’s use them to write, think, make and do lovely things, or buy lovely things other makers have put together.’

Which, in this case, means any one of 17 different scents which glory in names such as The Sexiest Scent on the Planet Ever (IMHO) – inspired by praise from a Tatler beauty editor – Sunshine & Pancakes, and A Kiss By The Fireside. As Sarah points out, it’s not as though she could have used her own name: Google ‘perfume’ and ‘McCartney’ and Stella’s name comes up about two billion times before you get to hers. For now, that is.

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