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Wholemeal lemon and ginger biscuits, with toasted hazelnuts and black tea, with oat milk. 

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We moved to our Hammersmith studio in September 2019, and Sarah wanted to honour the London Borough which became our new home. She made four fragrances, of which Hammersmith Tea & Biscuits is the first. Hammersmith is on the River Thames, home to the Apollo, two tube stations with the same name, and a wide and varied range of people and eating places and we all muddle along together. She made Tea & Biscuits as a symbol of the British way of making friends and getting through a crisis which Hammersmith seems to epitomise. The biscuits featured are wholemeal lemon and ginger with toasted hazelnuts. The tea is black, with oat milk.

It was almost finished when our friend, philosopher/perfumer/walking-perfumery-encyclopedia Harry Sherwood came to visit bringing some brilliant biscuit accords of his own. He suggested adding our bran absolute to give it more fibre, and so it was complete.

Perfume Dialect: Gourmand Woods

Notes: Tea, biscuits, vanilla, hazelnut, ginger, wholemeal flour, friendliness, hope 

Ingredients: Alcohol (denat), Parfum, Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool

Hammersmith Tea & Biscuits is suitable for vegans.

"Smells so tasty and cozy. Super well done for the concept it's going for! Very much like real tea time in countries that do that with the plates of biscuits sitting out, and fresh black tea. I normally dislike black tea notes but this is well balanced with the bread-y biscuit sweetness, and I think it's great! Unisex leaning feminine to my nose." - wst

"The most realistic biscuit note I've tried. You can literally smell the whole grains. Ginger lemon whole grain biscuits and black tea. Probably the most comforting fragrance in my collection!" - thornfield