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We first created a Kiss Me Quick(ly) fragrances at Odette Toilette's Perfume Poker event for Dreamland in Margate, although it wasn't quite like this one. No, this was for Dulwich Picture Gallery's celebration of the seaside for the Edward Bawden exibit in summer 2018. We made a tiny edition and didn't really expect anyone to like it. How wrong we were.

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Using the aromas of a past-its-heyday funfair in around about 1972. Round the back of the dodgems once the sun’s gone down and the children have left the funfair. The aroma of hot metal, old leather saddles on the carousel horses, toffee apples, candy floss, a brisk sea breeze, roll-up cigarettes and straw hats.

It’s the Spanish City at Whitley Bay in the 70’s, Redcar sea front, Scarborough – all the British beach resorts in one – a fond tribute to reluctant teenage seaside family holidays, the last ones before we set off by ourselves. In the grand traditional of the bumper value Beano and Bunty Summer Specials, here's ours.

Kiss Me Quick(ly) is suitable for vegans.