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Summer 2020, and we've opened up part of our online shop. Our Post Office is taking parcels again, so we can sell perfume. We have run out of quite a few fragrances though, as we've not had time to make new batches. They're on the to-do list! If there's something you'd really like, and it's not showing online, ask us anyway

Our fragrances are also stocked in a small but lovely collection of online stores and shops around the world. If you're outside the UK, please have a look at their shops too.

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Make your own perfume

Right now, while we can't run workshops  at our small studio., we're putting them all online. Also, we're still making bespoke fragrances. We all hope to see you again soon in person; in the meanime we'll be Zooming you.

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Bespoke fragrance


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Make a fragrance kit

What We Do

We are an independent artisan perfumery based in West London and we've been hand-making interesting scents since 2011.

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We run perfume making workshops

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We collaborate with organisations to scent their events.

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We can create your bespoke fragrance

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"British Perfumer Sarah McCartney makes scents that are thoughtful without being in the slightest bit pretentious (a rare thing in the perfume world) and sometimes even funny (even rarer)."

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