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Our mid-century style floral amber fragrance at luxurious parfum strength.

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Tart's Knicker Drawer is a mid-century style floral amber fragrance, named after a British phrase to describe someone who has been overgenerously spraying her perfume. It was first created when we were filtering six different fragrances one evening and realised that the aroma they created all together smelled marvellous. 

A 50s style floral amber, it has the feel of an evening fragrance to dab behind the ears one when you're all dressed up for an evening out dancing the slow foxtrot. We picture it being worn by the women of Mad Men. It's named after Sarah's grandma's phrase* for women she thought were "up to no good", dressed up, going out after six o'clock, smelling like a tart's knicker drawer. It's a voluptuous blend of flowers, amber, fruits, musks and spiced incense. 

*Grandma Bain herself wore nothing stronger than 4711 eau de cologne for an afternoon of singing hymns and eating home made cakes at the Sisterhood.

This is a limited edition at parfum strength.