A Walk In The Forest - Scent Shop

Made back in 2016 specially for our friends at Mrs Gloss & the goss, the world's biggest Facebook dedicated to looking and smelling your best.

Mrs Gloss's inclusive, positive attitude won us over straight away, and we've made four fragrances so far for our Glosser chums.

A Walk In The Forest is an eau de toilette because it's got natural treemoss absolute in it, and mosses smell lovely but they are resticted by the safe perfume rules. This gives a rich, deep forest floor aroma at the base of our scent, then there's a collection of woods, including Virginian cedar - the scent of sharpened pencils. All through the fragrance there's a soft musk, and right at the top there's a sparkle of light linden blossom.

Of all our Gloss scents it's the unisex one; it did surprise a few people that we'd make a woodsy scent for women to wear, but really we made it for everyone who likes to get their walking boots and wooly hat on and head outdoors on a chilly morning. (And for those who like the idea but prefer to stay inside and wear the scent instead.)