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You know how a backing band is sometimes so good that it gathers a fan base, leaves its headline singer behind and goes on tour by itself? That’s what happened with Temptation. It’s the bass and the beat beneath Take Me To The River, but back at the 4160Tuesdays lab, it’s kept blended ready to be added to the headline accords. All it took was a few drops on an apron, and we realised we wanted to wear it by itself. It’s the strong silent one that will always be there. No plants were harmed in the creation of this fragrance and it has no allergens. Everyone can wear it. You can use it on its own, or add it to a lighter, flighty fragrance to help it last longer and waft further. It’s gorgeous.

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Perfume Dialect: amber musk

Top Notes: musk

Heart Notes: musk

Base Notes: amber, white woods, musk, vanilla



Alcohol, Parfum