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An escape to a warm sandy beach, somewhere you can swim in the sea and emerge to dry off in the sunshine.

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The third fragrance in our Tessa Williams trio is on one of our favourite themes. We have a collection of seaside fragrances, and they are all different - different beaches, climates and atmospheres. This is an escape to a warm sandy beach, somewhere you can swim in the sea and emerge to dry off in the sunshine: the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean perhaps. The modern description is to call this style “solar”; all fragrances of this type have a white flower, suntan lotion note. We added vanilla, musks, and Timbersilk - a pale woods molecule. It gets interesting when we take you away from the poolside, put you on the beach then drop you right in the blue ocean with a blend of oakmoss and Calone, the molecule responsible for the ozone aroma of sea air. Sarah used Atlas cedar for the aroma of skin warming in the sunshine and Ambrox, the molecule that recreates the scent of ambergris. We love the seaside, and haven’t swum in the sea since 2015. Close your eyes and you’re almost there.

Perfume Dialect: Solar Marine

Notes: suntan lotion, sea air, vanilla, soft woods, white flowers, musk, salt water. 

Ingredients: Alcohol (denat), Parfum, Benzyl salicylate, Evernia prunastri (Oakmoss extract).

Warm Sands Blue Ocean is suitable for vegans.

"A magical, vintage summer beach vacation in a bottle: a lovely scent with coconut and vanilla dominating. I’m also picking up the ocean smells - salt and marine water - but what’s remarkable is I can smell the sand. It’s dry and chalky, and it’s the note that elevates this perfume and makes it different. Love from me." - Bubbles1964

"This is a particularly beautiful beachy scent, without being overly thematic, since soft florals add elegance, and the coconut is not in any way overbearing.  I get a lot of salty, tropical vanilla and even a hint of a distant beach bonfire. As soon as I spritzed this one I knew it would be a love. It performs wonderfully through the day, and although sadly I haven't yet had the opportunity to wear it on an actual beach, it certainly takes my mind there." - elledeelee