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Inspired by Saltburn, a small town at the very top right hand corner of Yorkshire where Sarah was born.

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Saltburn is a small town at the very top right hand corner of Yorkshire where Sarah was born. It was built in Victorian times, the vision and project of a Liberal MP, railway owner and peace campaigner, Henry Pease, who wanted workers to have a place by the sea to visit for their holidays, but with no alcohol available. For this reason it remained small and unspoiled. Saltburn Driftwood is a walk along the beach on a breezy day, watching the surfers flying along the cold North Sea waves.

Notes aren’t the same as the materials used to make a fragrance, and Saltburn Driftwood doesn’t really contain essential oil of burnt wood, washed with salt water. It’s the task of the perfumer to magic these notes into reality, and here Sarah used a toasty Brazilian vetivert essential oil, Dreamwood Base, torchwood, Cashmeran Velvet, and her rock pool accord of Hedione, Veramoss and Calone. We’re also making this available as a room fragrance, because we were asked so nicely.

Perfume Dialect: Marine Woods

Notes: driftwood, cool sea breeze, rock pools, yesterday’s waved washed campfire

Ingredients: Alcohol (denat), Parfum, Farnesol.

Saltburn Driftwood is suitable for vegans.

"Saltburn Driftwood is like nothing I've ever smelled before. It feels perfectly balanced and constructed. I can't even find the words to describe how calm and comforted it makes me feel. It's like a bracing walk along a freezing cold seafront on New Year's Day, with the people you love best. I want it surrounding me at all times. I've built up a nice wee collection of fragrances this past year, but this is the only thing I really want to wear at the moment." - Sarah Faichney