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There's something extra special about having something handmade, exactly the way you want it. There are thousands of perfumes out there, but what if you fancy something really individual? The same way as you'd have a suit or a dress made, or a piece of jewellery, a portrait or even a custom-made bike - we do perfume.

If you've always wanted to mix coffee with leather, or tangerine with raspberry, or jasmine with peppermint, we're here for you. Dream it up and write it down; we'll do our best to bottle it.

We've two options:

  • An afternoon with Sarah and two 100ml bottles of your fragrance. 
  • A full bespoke experience, an interview at 4160Tuesdays, or online. Up to 6 trial versions, and a litre of your final fragrance. Get in touch if you'd like to talk about it first.

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If you would like to try your hand at perfumery, you can also make your own.