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 2021 update:

At the moment all our workshops are online. Our studio is quite small, and we can't really wear masks to smells things. We are waiting for the world to be safe, rather than rushing back just because we're allowed. 

Everyone who already has a workshop booked or a voucher has these options:

  • Wait until it's safe for eight perfume-loving strangers to share a small room.
  • Take your voucher's value in our fragrances. 
  • Take the course at home with one of our kits.
  • Ask us for a full refund.

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You can also join our online Scenthusiasm Community: the Slow Scent School

For everyone who would love to learn more about perfume making with monthly assignments, Zoom Q&A sessions and regular posts on perfume making, I set up our Patreon community. I'd been asked for several years if I could put our classes online, for everyone who wasn't able to travel to West London.

The Pandemic meants that I really had to get it organised. I did two things:

Summer School Online: I set up Scenthusiasm School for people to learn in their own time. Both our Summer School five day intensives are available here, for people to learn at their own pace, and our friends at Perfumer's Apprentice in the US sell the materials kit (mostly undiluted). You can book one or both, with or without the kit.

Scenthuisasm on Patreon: This is for people who would like to join a worldwide sccent making collective, to practise making fragrances, discuss and share ideas, formulas and materials. There are options for people who want to make their own fragrances, have our new fragrances sent to them, and both those things.

Our community includes indie perfumers who already have their own brands, totally beginners, and everyone in between, plus vloggers and bloggers who want to know more and people who're just interested in perfume making and like to be part of it.

I have an arrangement with patrons so they can buy my materials if they like, and there are discounts off events and classes. If you're interested, please click that button down there. The more we have, the more time I can spend on it.

Perfume making starts at £10 + VAT per month because I really want to share ur combined knowledge as widely as possible. I would rather have 100 interested people paying £120 a year, than 10 people paying £1200 a year to join in. Perfume can be too "exclusive" and excluding people is nothing to be proud of (I.M.H.O.) so I'm making it as inclusive as I can manage.