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The aroma of clean laundry dried by a summer breeze, in a cottage garden with a perfect lawn and fragrant flower beds. Made from molecular musks and sumptuous synthetics; originally created for an Olympic gymnast and seen on Piccadilly Lights.

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Freshly Laundered: the aroma of clean washing. 

Some of our fragrances are someone else's idea, which we do our best to create. It's always a challenge to imagine what's on another person's mind. When the someone else is a whole marketing team, it can take a while for them all to agree. In this case the whole project was an absolute delight. 

Freshly Laundered is a fragrance we made for a washing machine launch. It's a molecular marvel: musks, Iso E Super, Hedione, Ambrox Super and one of the magical lily aromas. It is the cleanest and purest of scents, and not a single drop of essential oil was dripped. That's unusual for us, but it had to be just right for the project, and here it is. Would you like to smell freshly laundered?

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol (denat), Parfum, Hydroxycitronellal.