Eau de Parfum

We initially made a tiny one off batch of Scenthusiasm for a private creative event organised for a gin company and it turned out ever so slightly gorgeous and went down a storm. It isn't the same as our first ever gin fragrance; it's better. Scenthusiasm is made with natural orris (iris) butter, rose absolute, lemon and orange essential oils, cucumber extract, juniper absolute (of course) and coriander essential oil. To make it last, boost the scents of the naturals and too smooth them out, we blended it with our favourite simple musk, fresh air and white wood note synthetics.  It's inspired by gin, and has gin notes but mostly it's a floral at heart: rose and iris, with the herbs dancing around it.









Perfume Dialect: aromatic floral

Top Notes: cucumber, lemon, orange

Heart Notes: rose, juniper, orris, coriander

Base Notes: musk, white woods

Ingredients: Alcohol (denat), Parfum, Limonene, Citronellol, Geraniol, Eugenol, Citral, Eugenol.

This really makes me enthusiastic and happy: gin, rose, cucumber. What's not to love? And the gin craze in early 18th century Britain has shown that gin really can be addictive, so in a way this is the epitome of an addictive fragrance.