Eau de Parfum

#MrsGlossMadeMeDoIt is a light-hearted rose, cedarwood, pink grapefruit and candy floss perfume made specially for the Facebook Group Mrs Gloss & The Goss. In January 2016 Mrs Gloss & The Goss was approaching 5000 members so its founder, Julia Langdon, asked Sarah McCartney, 4160Tuesdays’ perfumer if she would create a special fragrance for group members. This would be a secret sign to help them “recognise each other if they met at the Make Up Revolution counter in Superdrug” or anywhere else at all.  









19 “Glossers” crammed into the 4160Tuesdays Acton studio to smell perfumery materials, make their own individual perfumes, and decide which ones they wanted in their fragrance. They chose:

Pink grapefruit – for its light, fresh notes, and also because a study had suggested people wearing pink grapefruit scents were perceived as looking younger. The vote was “We’ll have a bit of that!” 

Rose absolute – a rose heart for its richness and beauty. 

Atlas cedarwood – “because we need something a bit dirty”. 

Candyfloss – the smell of hot spun sugar, created by using the fragrance and flavour material ethyl maltol. 

White musks – for gentle, clean softness. Sarah added these to her own secret blend “Felix Fixer”, an oriental amber named after her tango teacher.

The name #MrsGlossMadeMeDoIt is the group’s own hashtag, used when they’ve been introduced to a great new beauty produce by their online friends. We thought it made the perfect perfume name too. The most cheerful fragrance in existence.

Perfume Dialect: floral gourmand

Top Notes: pink grapefruit, candyfloss, bergamot

Heart Notes: rose, cedarwood

Base Notes: amber, vanilla, musk

Ingredients: Alcohol, Parfum, Limonene, Alpha-iso-Methylionone, Citronellol, Citral, Geraniol, Eugenol

Yes, it’s just as incredible as it sounds. One of my favorites for sure created by Sarah. On me it’s sweet, rosy, vanilla and woody with droplets of citrus and a fluffy powder. The musk really gives way to something very well blended, balancing everything perfect.