What I Did On My Holidays

One of the most exhilarating topnotes in living memory, with mint and candyfloss playfully fighting one another for our attention. Lovely stuff.  

Luca Turin, perfumesilove.com

Take a pierrot line of melting Neapolitan ices, creamy whorls of dusty pink, pistachio, gold and vanilla. Then fold in green cucumbery notes of sea breeze, rock pools and crab teas; pink sticky watch-your-fillings peppermint rock; coconut suntan oil from the pre-SPF era; and the yellow haze of sunshine filtered through Bank Holiday traffic fumes and serenaded by the melancholy Sunday afternoon chimes of the Mr Softee van. Does this have you reaching for your purse? I’ll take two, please!  

Lemon Wedge