Dirty Honey

Eau de Parfum

The scent of Mexican mock orange blossom in spring, in a London suburb. It smells (to us) like honey that’s dripped into the earth, been trodden on, and scraped back up again - in a good way. This particular flower grows in clusters of white blossom, on an evergreen shrub with eight lobed leaves. The scent is so wonderful we always stop in our tracks and stick our noses right in it. It's not a clear, gentle smell though; it's sweet, but it's wicked. It has an intoxicating feel to it. It demands some courage, as perfumes go. It's the kind of fragrance unlikely ever to be brought out by a big brand because it would scare too many people. White flowers look innocent but smell quite the opposite. It's only fair to warn you.









Perfume Dialect: white flowers

Top Notes: honey, honeybush

Heart Notes: atlas cedarwood, frangipani, jasmine

Base Notes: vanilla, beeswax, labdanum, musk

Ingredients: Alcohol, Parfum, Limonene.  

This is absolutely what it says it is, beeswax, honey, a bit "dirty" via labdanum and with a floral undertone thanks to the jasmine and woods. The beeswax and honey in this smell like the real deal, it's like having a piece of fresh honeycomb with you. Sillage is decent and longevity seems good. Sarah McCartney has worked her perfumery magic again with this.