Creamy Vanilla Crumble

Eau de Parfum

A bottle of creamy custardness with notes of crumble and a of hay and tobacco absolutes. (These add sophistication and depth to a fragrance which might otherwise be a little bit sweet and fluffy.) Our sophisticated Vanilla Custard fragrance is made to last, and stays close to the skin to invite closer inspection.  









Perfume Dialect: Vanilla

Top Notes: Custard, Cream

Heart Notes: Vanilla, Malt, 

Base Notes: Hay, Tobacco, Musk

Ingredients: Alcohol (denat), Parfum, Coumarin

Liquid golden sweet vanilla sunshine! One of the best vanilla perfumes available that everyone misses! Creamy Vanilla Crumble @4160tuesdaysperfume is poised between Tihota and Un Bois Vanille. Vanilla lovers need to snap it up!


Delicious gourmand that reminds me of sugar cookies and ice cream. Smells fantastic and has great performance.