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Alternative ways to wear and waft your fragrance.

Ceramic "Parfumables™", scarves and hankies in fair trade organic Indian cotton: for wearing vintage scent, changing what you're wearing, and scenting spaces.

(The hankies are also good for dabbing tears and blowing noses).

No one wore perfume on their bodies until that daft bint, Coco Chanel, said it was a good idea to put perfume wherever you want to be kissed. Of course it isn't; perfume tastes dreadful.

The priviliged used to put perfume on their gloves, hats, scarves, wigs and clothes. However, it's an even better idea to put them somewhere you can wash and start again. Fold one up and put it in your pocket: tie one or two around your wrists, they're 40 x 40 cm so they'll make a neckerchief for those of slender build.

Four colours, all lovely, hand made for us in India by nice people paid properly.

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