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Hello. Welcome to 4160Tuesdays. Our fragrances are all a bit of an adventure, and capture our impression of times and places.

Summer 2021 shipping update:

In the UK Royal Mail is still affected by COvid-19, but mostly it's. behaving itself.  
For overseas customers. we have resumed US and Canadian shipping, and Far East too. FedEx have put up their prices, as there are far fewer planes to take them; for the enviroment, this is a great thing. For us, it's expensive.
For the EU, we're temporarly paused. There is more paperwork for us, and customs delays mean that shipping costs have gone up. If you would like to place an order please email us. We have to take off the UK VAT and the delivery company will charge your country's VAT at the other end. Importing from the UK is now like importing from the US. We didn't vote for this idiocy, but we're stuck with it. 
However, Spain doesn't allow cosmetics to be imported from outside the EU unless the importer has a government license, so we don't forsee that being resolved, without the UK rejoining the EU, which won't happen before we retire. Ireland seems to be in the same position.

We create all our perfumes - from ideas to boxing - here in West London. We'd like to make our world a lovelier place; we're starting with the small space around us and working outwards.

Do please look around, and if you've got questions, do get in touch.


About shipping perfume overseas: it was complicated, now it's worse.

We shall restart shiping outside the UK as soon as we know how the UK's 2021 trade deals with actually work, and which extra charges you will have to pay. 

We can ship normally up to l litre at a time by land through DPD, although we are a small customer so the rates are quite high. You might be better off using one of our international stockists. Orders over £200 go free.

Outside Europe - following UN dangerous goods shipping regulations

We can usually ship up to 500ml of perfume in bottles up to 30ml in volume by FedEx, wherever they will deliver. We have negotiated a rate with FedEx but it still costs us more than we charge you. (This is for shipping "Dangerous Goods at Excepted Quantities"). Orders over £300 - in 30ml bottles or smaller, up to 500ml total - go free. 

We can usually ship our "full dangerous goods" - bottles of perfume over 30mls - by FedEx but it costs a heck of a lot of money. If you'd like to get together and order your yourself and your friends, we can do that now; it's going to be about £150 to ship.

Please see our U.S. stockists as they pretty much have it covered these days.

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