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Our new fragrance, Clouds, does not yet exist. 

It's a crowdfunding project with the online community Eau My Soul, and in exchange for your trust that we can and will make a beautiful fragrance, we shall offer it at half price, right until the point at which the first batch is made.

Once it is complete and ready to launch, then the price will go up to its normal price. You can expect to receive it around June, as there's a lot to do in the meantime.

If you prefer to wait, and to smell it before you buy, that's absolutely fine. Only commit now if you're absolutely sure that you're prepared to take a chance, in exchance for the reduced prices.

Note: US shipping. Put UK instead of US in your shipping address, and pick the DPD tracked option.  We'll be shipping in a big box all at once to save money. 


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Clouds was an idea dreamed up by Christi Long. Christi runs Eau My Soul as a kind, encouraging forum for fragrance lovers, and one day she was wearing our crowdfunded fragrance from 2018, Take Me To The River. It crossed her mind that Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now would be a wonderful inspiration for a fragrance, looking at clouds from both sides, the grey, then the sunshine.

Between us, we dreamed up a plan: Christi sent me a list of notes: iris, narcissus, white chocolate, hay, sandalwood, papyrus, vanilla and others which I'll keep secret. She'd named some of the most expensive materials that exist, but I also knew that would want it to be affordable to everyone in the group because she's nice like that.

So I had a suggestion. How about we do Both Sides Now? I am going to make two versions, one with the natural materials and one with the synthetic recreations made by the genius chemists from the industry. That way we can make the most magnificent, fabulously luxurious fragrance this side of Ancient Rome, plus the affordable one.

Clouds, and Clouds' Illusion.

My intention is that they should smell pretty much exactly the same, but which ever one you buy, you can have a sample of the other one too. I don't think anyone has done this before. I'm keen to show that aromachemicals are just as beautiful as naturals, and that you're not missing out if you don't have the spare cash for expensive fragrances. (But if you do, don't let us hold you back.)

We also both agreed that we wanted to give a proportion of the funds raised to our chosen causes - some sunshine in these grey times. Previously we used a crowdfunding platform which took a percentage of the funds for use of its tech and database, so we're going to take that and give it to Hope Not Hate in the UK, and to the Looking Out Foundation in the US. We think we aready know enough people to make this happen, and besides we don't want to conquer the world, just to make a lovely fragrance.

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