4160 Tuesdays Scentsthree new bottles

"one of the most exciting niche perfumery brands to come along in years"

Josephine Fairley, You Magazine, 3 November 2013.

4160Tuesdays is the home of Sarah McCartney's whimsically lovely scents: proper perfume handmade in London. 

Sarah had been writing about perfume for 15 years, then started making the scents she'd described in her novel, fragrances that reminded the characters of a happy time. Then friends started asking her to make perfumes to capture their own happy times. Odette Toilette launched them at a Scratch + Sniff even, founder of the Perfume Society Josephine Fairley wrote a lovely review. Se we jumped right into the perfume business.

If you're on a quest for your own bespoke perfume, or something unusual and original, have a look around

Come and visit:

We're running Saturday workshops where you can learn more about perfume.

Our blog is here.

The name: if we live until we're 80, we have 4160 Tuesdays.

That's all. Let's not waste them.

On a Tuesday, do something different. At the moment, we're using ours to make perfume.

The answer to the question is coffee, peach and curry. If you want to know what the question was, email us.