Perfume vault

This is where we keep the fragrances we make in very small batches because they're a little unusual, and we don't generally have them in our stockists because they are quite specialist. To be fair, they're very specialist, but they have their admirers so we'll keep on making them every now and again.

  • Babylon Sunset – A rich, generous, voluptuous perfume, blending fruit and flowers - beautiful rose, jasmine and honey absolutes, Australian sandalwood and a hint of vanilla.
  • Dirty Honey. The scent of Mexican mock orange blossom in spring, in a London suburb  

  • Evil Max - The black forest gateau black cherry yoghurt chypre.
  • Flora Psychedelica – The fragrance of a mythical flower that makes everyone ecstatically happy. Absinthe and lily notes, with herbs, woods and mushrooms.   
  • Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge -  A rich fruity fragrance which we've only just realised smells just like cherry jam.
  • Goodbye Piccadilly- A scent for Suffragettes, first made for London Transport Museum with materials used in 1914: violet, iris, lavender, leather, vanilla and patchouli.  
  • Lady Rose Lion (Monkey Unicorn) - Commit to a real deep chypre fragrance, described by Luca Turin as "an inverted Mitsouko" which was nice. All the flowers and woods at the heart, cutrus fruits and peach on top, the oakmoss base and a top note of basil. It was inspired by the tapestry series from the 1500s, The Lady & The Unicorn. Of course it was.

  • Paradox - The intense iris, citrus, violet, musk fragrance we made with Louise Woollam, award winning beauty writer of Get Lippie. Read Louise's description here. Paradox raises funds for Fifth Sense, the organisation for people with damage to their sense or smell or taste.  
  • Pillow Talk - Perfume for lovers. Jasmine, orange flower, yuzu, spicy pink and black peppers and sandalwood.  
  • The Buddhawood Box -  Four distinctive woods, with a note of multi-coloured opalescence.
  •  The Great Randello - A deliciously edible fruity chypre with whiffs of peach, strawberry crème brulée and oakmoss.
  • Time to Draw the Raffle Numbers - The scent of the Champs Elysees when Sir Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France. Patisseries, cigarettes, linden trees, shiny bicycles, coffee and marmalade on toast. It has character.
  • Up the Apples & Pears – An unusual fragrance that evokes the scent of a London pub in 1933; apple pie, pear syllabub, gin, beer, roll-ups, wooden floor and bread rolls.   
  • Who Knew? - Exotic, intoxicating deep dark rose and green tea with the scent of smoky lapsang souchong