Our Fragrances

An alphabetical list of all the fragrances in our collection right now.

You can find the slightly more obscure ones in The Vault.  


-Current Collection-

#MrsGlossmademedoit - A light-hearted rose, cedarwood, pink grapefruit and candy floss perfume.

Amberama -  Woods, amber and a drop or two of raspberry, a smooth oriental blend, with a base of resinous balsams.

Another Kiss by the Fireside –Wood fires, cinnamon biscuits, rose and lavender – a cosy farmhouse kitchen.

Be Careful What You Wish For - Our citrus and summer fruits woody parfum with guaicwood and patchouli, plus some white oudh.

Black Velvet Cafe -Woods, tobacco and coffee, with an agarwood base.

Bodhi Language - Imagine four hand-carved wooden boxes, inlaid with opals, brought to Britain from the tropics, sandalwood, cedarwood, white oudh and Buddhawood, with a hint of coconut and rum.

Both Sides of Clouds - 

Captured By Candlelight - The scent of Christmas Pudding alight with blue brandy flames, served in an oak panelled dining room, lit with candles. Rich, fruity & boozy, with woods and a wax candle note.  

Centrepiece – Inspired by a luxurious ice cream parlour; a deliciously sensual musk with frangipani blossom, honey, green tea and cedarwood  

Creamy Vanilla Crumble  - A gold bottle of creamy custardness with notes of crumble and a tiny bit of fresh leaf tobacco.

The Dark Heart of Old Havana - Tobacco, coffee and fruits cooked in buckets of sugar, a hint of faded grandeur.

Dark Queen - An animalistic amber. It's like putting rose in a woody fragrance; you can use it to create richness, not to take over.

Doe in the Snow - Light fresh peach sorbet chypre with flowers and woods, all stirred with an icicle  

Drive Them Wild - Blood orange, red mandarin, osmanthus and orange blossom dance around a chypre heart, with vanilla, tonka and cocoa absolutes spiced with black pepper.

Ealing Green - Light fresh cut grass, herbs, meadow flowers, wild roses and the fresh earth .

Eat Flowers - A walk through a summer garden

Eau My Soul - A hug in a bottle: sandalwood, amber, bergamot and all the lovely things.

Fluffy Lemon Top - A flora chypre with an iris-narcissus-lily of the valley heart, with a generous topping of white chocolate sauce, tonka, absolute and musks. 

Freeway -  The aroma of LA freeways after the oil runs out: flowers, birds, bicycles and picnic areas.

Goddess of Love & Perfume Parfum - The fragrance we like to think Aphrodite would wear to descend to earth and seduce youthful shepherds: the ultimate floral, fruity chypre, with added musk.  

Inevitable Crimes of Passion Parfum - A Henry James novel in a bottle, an invitation into a Victorian orangery, then into the velvet upholstered parlour for tea, then down to the basement... Notes of chocolate, orange, coffee, cognac and cep mushroom.  

Invisible Ben - Designed to blend nicely with the smell of clean skin. An orange juice in one hand and a coffee in the other.

Killer Rose - A rich ultra-rosy 90s style floral. It goes nicely with killer heels, or killer trainers.

Kiss Me Quick(ly) - The aroma of hot metal, old leather saddles on the carousel horses, toffee apples, candy floss, a brisk sea breeze, roll-up cigarettes and straw hats.

Le-Jardin-de-Monsieur-McGregor - Almost everything you'd expect to smell in Mr McGregor's Garden

The Lion Cupboard - the comforting scent of our Victorian oak sideboard: herbs, citrus fruit and woods.

London 1969 – A true unisex citrus, Hyde Park in summer, the groovy King’s Road, leading to late nights in grubby Soho backstreets.

Maxed Out - The scent of a wild night out in New York, 2003.

Meet Me On The Corner -  A fragrance to bring the excitement of 1970s citrus chypres, with a fresh 21st Century aura.

Midnight in the Palace Garden - Our wonderful extrait strength scent of a midnight tryst. 

Mother Nature’s Naughty Daughters - Using nature’s harvest - rose, broom, cedarmoss, raspberry, strawberry and opoponax, + Hedione and Maltol. Deliciously naughty.  

Mrs Gloss Lemon Sherbet - A bright light sparky citrus scent.

New York ’55 – exuberantly cheerful sweet floral ice cream fruit sundae with candy floss on the side

The Orange Tree -  It reminds our customers of Seville, Sicily, Marrakesh and California, wherever they have sat in the shade of orange leaves.

Over the Chocolate Shop - Our praline extravaganza revisited

Paris 1948 – a classic vintage floral, peach, woody scent, inspired by the great French chypres of the 1940s.

Raw Silk & Red Roses - A walk through a rose garden, with a touch of geranium, patchouli, musk and fruits. 

Red Queen - A frankincense and fruity rose special edition, the friend and rival of White Queen 2018

Rhubarb & Citrus Cologne - A powerful shot of sharpness with a whoosh of mouthwatering grapefruit, bergamot and rhubarb.

Rhubarb & Custard 1:29 - A pudding in a perfume.

Rome 1963 – smooth, languid white flowers with dry crisp woods and a touch of tobacco.  

Rosa Ribes - A blackcurrant, rose chypre with citrus fruits, moss, myrrh and musk, Sarah’s own personal perfume.  

Scenthusiasm  - A gin themed special

Sex Goddess - Voluptuousness bottled, All the flowers, fruits, musks and woods: rich and lovely.  

The Sexiest Scent on the Planet, Ever. (IMHO) – smooth, soft and seductive - lemon meringue pie, blended with velvety woods. Really. 

Shazam! - a true amber oriental, the scent of the Marrakesh spice market, with fresh oranges and incense.

Silk, Lace & Chocolate - delicately soft, smooth and sensual, strawberry, orange and vanilla with real cocoa absolute for extra deliciousness.  

Sleep Knot – with jasmine, ylang, sandalwood and black pepper - aphrodisiacs of eastern mythology- for nights when you don’t plan to sleep.  

Sunshine and Pancakes - The scent of warm bare skin on the beach, with honey and lemon pancakes (British ones – flat not fluffy- Unusual and beautiful with cedar, jasmine, honey, musk and lemons.

Take Me To The River - Captures the sensuality of a relationship that's going nowhere, but is way too much fun to give up just yet.

Temptation -  Temptation is all the musks, it's the underlying sensuality in Take Me To The River, without the booze, leather and cigars.

Tokyo Spring Blossom - The breeze through spring flowers, fresh fruit, soft petals and sensuous balsams.

Truth Beauty Freedom Love -  The spirit of 1860 captured in fragrance.

Wash Me In The Water  - Lying on the grass by the side of a clear river.

What I Did On My Holidays - Sea shore, suntan lotion, mint rock and ice cream – our childhood beach hols.  

White Queen - Made for ÇaFleureBon's 8th anniversary: a creamy, fragrant fantasy: non-candy gourmande.