Would you like some of our ideas?

We can help you have ideas.

We can do this for individuals and for organisations.

 Sometimes the ideas just dry up, or they won't form themselves into a sensible shape. Or they don't seem practical. That's when it's a good idea to get us in for a chat.

We follow the guidance of James Webb Young. He believed that in order to have good ideas you have to be interested in everything, collect inspiration from wherever you can get it, work very hard at getting all your thoughts down on paper, organise them and see what you can make of them all, then take time off to do something completely different and wait for your idea to pop up. He was a New York ad man who went on to use his powers for good.

Words. James Webb Young also believed that language is crucial to ideas. He said, "We tend to forget that words are themselves ideas. They might be called ideas in a state of suspended animation. When the words are mastered then the ideas tend to come alive again."

You can't patent ideas, by the way; you have to do something with them, make them tangible before the law deems them to have any value. The world abounds with unhappy people who complain, "but they stole my idea!". Tough. Be happy, and give your spare ideas away.

And we can build your perfect perfume.