The Christmas Shop

Hello. We don't tend to get too carried away about Christmas, but we do have some festive products which could make lovely gifts for yourselves or others you are really fond of. As always, we create all our perfumes, from ideas to boxing, at our studio in West London. Do please look around and if you've got questions, do get in touch. If you would prefer to browse our other collections you can do so here.

Our Christmas Collection

A bottle of 4160 Tuesdays Perfume against a metallic orange backdrop

The Christmas Tree-o's

Sets of three fragrances. Lovely festive gifts for yourselves or others!

A bottle 4160 Tuesdays perfume against a dark green, silver and gold marbled backdrop

Room Fragrances

Including our new coffee & coconut fragrance and custom room sprays.

A bottle of 4160 Tuesdays perfume against a blue swirling backdrop

The Perfume Companion

Sarah's new book plus an optional extra taster set of our featured fragrances.

A bottle of 4160 Tuesdays perfume against a purple backdrop

Taster Sets

Two new boxed taster sets containing seven 2.25ml vials of eaux de parfums.

The Sexiest Scent Kit

Four materials, instructions, luxury glass bottles and accoutrements

Captured by Candlelight

The scent of christmas pudding, served in an oak panelled room lit with candles

Hiding in the Library

Candle of incense, spices, woods and calm, made by Harry Sherwood.

The Sexiest Scent

Our most popular scent - bergamot, white woods, amber, vanilla.

The overall feel of 4160 Tuesdays I would describe as jubilant and unpretentious, a happy wallowing in the richness and beauty of fragrance materials.

Luca Turin,