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Welcome to 4160 Tuesdays

Here in Hammersmith, we make all our own perfumes step by step, from having the ideas - we like to evoke a time and a place in scent - right to folding up the boxes and writing the notes. We create, mix and bottle everything in our L-shaped studio, hiding behind the huge black doors of a former Victorian builder's yard. 

We don't have an actual shop, but if you'd like to visit the studio for a sniff, let us know because we're not always there and we wouldn't want to miss you.

Our fragrances are also stocked in a small but lovely collection of online stores and shops around the world. If you're outside the UK, please have a look at their shops too.

Make Your Own Perfume

We have reopened our studio to the public and are now hosting workshops again. For those that would prefer to be at home.  Sarah also set up her Patreon: The Scenthusiasm Slow Scent School. 

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4160 Tuesdays Voucher


Small brown bottles of perfume materials and essential oils

Make A Fragrance Kit


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Bespoke Fragrance


Everything we do

4160Tuesdays is a thoroughly indie, artisan perfumery based in West London, and we've been hand-making interesting scents since 2011. We also love teaching people how to make their own.

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We create, bottle and package our perfumes in our studio.

Perfumer Sarah McCartney posing with bottles of perfume materials

We run perfume making workshops in person and online.

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We occasionally make fragrances for other companies.

The Perfume Companion: The Definitive Guide to Choosing Your Next Scent

The Perfume Companion is a beautifully illustrated compendium of almost 500 recommended scents, designed to help you pick out your next favourite fragrance, co-written by our perfumer Sarah McCartney, and Samantha Scriven of the blog iscentyouaday.

Perfumer Sarah McCartney's book, the Perfume Companion.

The Perfume Companion - available at all good book shops.


"British Perfumer Sarah McCartney makes scents that are thoughtful without being in the slightest bit pretentious (a rare thing in the perfume world) and sometimes even funny (even rarer)."

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