The 5 Degree Woolly Project

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The 5 Degree Woolly movement is our plan to save the world. You can read more about it and watch the films at the blog site.

To cut a long story short, it's a movement that all knitters can join. If you can't knit yet, find a knitter to teach you; we're usually very happy to welcome you to the community. You use up all your leftover yarn, knit on very big needles, and create yourself a huge woolly that is five degrees warmer inside than out.

No need to put the heating on. Cut your heating bills, reduce your carbon output and stay warm. Less landfill. Fewer bags of yarn hiding at the back of the cupboard. A great reason to start a knitting club.

This is where you can get the free knitting patterns and join in.

Here's the woolly as a pdf to download.

Here are the socks.

And here's the hat pattern.

We're thinking fo setting up a 5 Degree Woolly club at 4160TUesdays HQ in Acton. Anyone up for that?