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What did long lost masterpieces smell like? Would you like to find out?

We have assembled a collection of rare and rather marvellous vintage and discontinued perfumes. We're selling these in small volumes at sensible prices, sharing them so they can be appreciated by people who can't get to our studio to smell them here.

These fragrances would not pass current regluations; they are to satisfy your curiosity and to educate our noses so test them on paper, ceramics or fabric, not on your skin.


It is illegal in the EU to sell decanted fragrances as cosmetics for use on the skin - ours are for education and interest.

We never sell fragrances which are currently available from the manufacturer, only those which are discontinued or have been completely reformulated.

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Vintage Scents

We'll be adding these as we get them in, but once they're gone there's no guarantee that we can get any more.