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Complicated Shadows is the last in the series of Clouds perfumes; in fact it was the first fragrance I made in the series, or rather it's a combination of the first two, Thunderstorm and Stormy Monday.

It seemed right for now, and the strange place the world will be when we come out of the 2020/21 season of shade. We're launching it on 21st June 2021, the day the UK is due to become unrestricted again. We need things to look forward to.

For all advance orders, in the grand tradition of our crowdfunded fragrances, until 21st June 2021 this will be sold at a 50% discount as a reward for everyone who is prepared to back it without smelling it first. Thank you for your confidence in us. (We know some of you have smelled either Thunderstorm or Stormy Monday. It's going to be a lot like those.)

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I've been promising to make it for ever, but I'd made it really complicated and it took me almost a year to get around to unravelling the layers of maths. Then the first sunny day of spring, after weeks of clouds, I was watching the sharp morning shadows that the benches and fences were making at the tube station, and an Elvis Costello song turned up in my head: Complicated Shadows.

Very few people smelled the original, which was way too dark to go with Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now, the original brief.