July 2019 Clearout Sale - Scent Shop

This is it; thanks for waiting. Please help us empty the cupboards.

NOTE: Shipping outside the EU - dull but essential info.

We can only ship 30ml or smaller bottles directly to you outside Europe, and it's still expensive (£40) as they must be classed as Dangerous Goods.

However, if you want to buy 50ml and 100ml bottles this is really expensive = £140 per small box, up to £300+ for a large one. So we pack them all up together and ship directly.

If you would like to buy larger bottles (50 & 100mls) for shipping to the US you can join in with our group delivery.

You pay the £40 usually cost, which includes shipping to the US, unpacking and forwarding by tracked USPS, and import dutures and taxes. We pay those because it's just too complicated to separate them out for you. As this is less than the discount off sale items it's usually worth it. You can also add in fragrances from outside the sale.

We might run out of some things quite quickly so don't twiddle your thumbs.