Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge

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Perfume dialect: fruity floral

Top notes: grapefruit/lemon/yuzu/cucumber/watermelon

Heart notes: cherry/rose/violet/raspberry

Base notes: sandalwood

(the perfume formerly known as What Katie Did on Friday Night) A rich fruity fragrance which we've only just realised smells just like cherry jam. We've been smelling it and driving ourselves nuts trying to put our finger on it. It took scent fan and perfume blogger Maria Angelidou to point it out. A big vat of simmering cherries, deeply fruity, slightly tart, with a light freshness on top.That's the thing about making perfume. What you put in isn't what you get out, not if you do it right. We've released three different versions of Katie, after our friend comissioned a bespoke perfume for his girl. This is the one we're happy with, so happy that we've also made the deeply jammy extrait version and the lighter, fresher eau de toilette. So how do we create a cherry jam fragrance? Not with cherries. It's not yet possible to squash and bottle them to use in perfume. (Although one company had a go then gave up.) What we did was to blend citrus essential oils, flowers, woods and raspberry. We're pleased with its scrumptiousness.