Sunshine & Pancakes 30ml EDP

Sunshine & Pancakes 30ml EDP


Sunshine & Pancakes 30ml EDP

Sunshine & Pancakes started life as a bespoke scent for one of the family. In the first version I used synthetic jasmine and vanilla. The second had a blend of the two, and the final version just has masses (as much as is allowed) of natural jasmine, honey and vanilla absolutes. Although this is not really a floral perfume, the jasmine is there because, to me, it gives an impression of warm skin at the end of the day at the beach.

There's a woody heart - cedarwood also smells like happy people to me - and a splash of sunny citrus fruit, because you'd squeeze lemons on your pancakes, wouldn't you?

It's the ideal 1970s British holiday at the seaside, captured in a scent.

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Parfum, Limonene,Geraniol, Linalool, Benzyl Benzoate, Citral,

Quantity:  at  £40.00  each

We're just allowing the next batch to mature at the moment. It'll be ready in a couple of weeks.

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