2018 Workshops - Scent Shop

We have a few changes for 2018.

This year, we'll be holding our Introduction to Perfume Making workshops at new venues, more spacious and closer to a tube station. (Possibly outside London too.)

Our stage two workshops will have smaller numbers, and we'll hold them here at our studio. These are for people who've already had an introduction to perfume making, and would like to do more.

Our Scent Song is a private session: two hours at our studio during which you decide on your favourite notes, and we create a bespoke fragrance for you.

We're also running more business sessions for everyone who needs to know more about the legal and technical parts of launching an indie brand. We've set the January and March dates so far.

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If you have a voucher left over from 2017, email us and we'll find a slot for you.